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Managing channel partners, programs, and portals (oh my!) and creating all the marketing content yourself? You need a creative partner!

B2B Entrepreneurs &
Business Innovators

Whether you’re innovating as the leader of your own service-based business, within a larger corporation, or of your own career, we can help you achieve more.

Nothing is created alone.

About TDZ

We specialize in bringing business leaders’ best ideas to life--helping them achieve more,  faster than they could alone--with a holistic approach all our own called Creative Partnering™. Read more about us, meet our founder, and see what we stand for and who we love.

We’re always coming up with new ways to help our network.

Here are some featured tools, resources, and links.


Channel and Global Marketing Teams: Better Together and with a Creative Partner

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Preparing to Speak
as a Strength

Insight from "Women of Influence, Impact + Profit” panel participation. READ MORE . . .

Service Experience

Steps to
Services Excellence

Want to increase profitability and productivity by improving your ability to serve your ideal clients? Join us for this webinar to cover the high points of what’s necessary to achieve service excellence and address a few of the most common questions. Read more . . .