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B2B Entrepreneurs & Business Innovators

B2B Entrepreneurs & Business Innovators Striving for Success Innovative business leaders–at the helm of their own company, in management positions, or in transition–are trying to achieve more and bring the best ideas to life. They all want a rich professional life and the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from doing what they love,…

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Why Hire a Strategic Marketing Consultant?

Business owners, internal marketing stakeholders, and entrepreneurs might benefit from hiring a strategic marketing consultant, but often aren’t aware of the circumstances that would prompt such a decision. Also, there is a lack of understanding about the problems a marketing strategist and consultant can solve, resulting in leaders asking “Why hire a strategic marketing consultant?”…

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Evaluating a Marketing Person: Criterion #1

Criterion¬†# 1: Sufficient Experience . . . As Evidenced by LinkedIn (or other professional online network) Background: I get asked sometimes by friends (even those who have made hiring mistakes in the past) about how they can “screen” an independent contractor or small marketing agency based on its leadership and what to look for.¬† This…

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