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2019 Year in Review: Channel Marketing

By Tracy Diziere | January 7, 2020

Last year was super-productive for us–and our channel marketing clients. We’re excited to see what will change and how much more we’ll do in 2020. Download our 2019 Year in Review–a roll-up of our content marketing and PRM support for channel marketers as well as alliances and global marketing folks.

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Strategy Is Changing; What Does That Mean for You?

By Tracy Diziere | October 1, 2019

A recent Forbes article covered how marketing strategy in mature organizations is “moving from communications leadership to growth accelerant.” That might sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to some of you. And like some pie-in-the-sky idea to others. So let’s break it down for the entrepreneurial-minded leader, shall we?  As a small service-based business leader, …

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Channel and Global Marketing Teams: Better Together and with a Creative Partner

By Tracy Diziere | August 13, 2019

As technology service offerings grow, channel partners’ opportunity to step in, cultivate custom solutions, and offer managed services has skyrocketed. In tandem, revenue from indirect channels has soared. While stats vary, a Forrester study commissioned by Mediafly reports that almost half (49%) of a company’s overall revenue comes from the channel. Or as Principal Analyst …

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Influencers, Alliance Partners, and Advocates–Oh My!

By Tracy Diziere | June 4, 2019

Technology is evolving faster than ever. With it comes massive shifts in the way we think about, strategize, and take action on marketing ideas—especially in the IT channel. Technology marketers have to read a ton to stay afloat in a fast-moving industry. And the buck doesn’t stop there. We’ve somehow got to synthesize what we’ve …

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Post-B2BMX 2019 Panel: The Agency Edge

By Tracy Diziere | March 4, 2019

I was honored to be invited to share my perspectives on a “channel panel” (“The Agency Edge: The New Skill Sets & Services That Distinguish Channel-Fluent Marketing Agencies”) at #B2BMX in Scottsdale last week along with amazing professionals like Jennifer Anaya, Marie Rourke, and Angela Leavitt and moderated by Forrester analyst and Canadian (not to …

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Save the Date: Beyond #B2BMX

By Tracy Diziere | March 2, 2019

Every year I attend #B2BMX (this was my third), I struggle to keep up the momentum, to prioritize and implement all I learned and all the cool “springboard” ideas I had. I know I’m not alone here, and that “Nothing is created alone.” So I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing to get together on a …

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Success Is an Inside Job

By Tracy Diziere | December 19, 2018

Part of my message at today’s Conscious Connections panel “Insight from Women of Influence, Impact + Profit” was “Success is an inside job.” This was/is a hard learned lesson and speaks to the need for personalized attention when growing as an entrepreneurial-minded leader. I/we need this kind of help. That’s why I fill the role of …

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Why We Take a Holistic Approach to Service

By Tracy Diziere | November 6, 2018

Why do we take a holistic approach to service? Why does service experience design start with a broad view? David Clarke in an Adweek article says it best: Experience isn’t just one thing. It’s comprised of sales, customer service, order entry, human resources, quality assurance, shipping, billing, collections, maintenance—a hundred parts of an enterprise. Therefore, …

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Where We’ve Been Lately (as of Fall 2018)

By Tracy Diziere | October 4, 2018

Local Events   Want to meet in person? Here are some of the upcoming and recurring local events where you’ll find us:   Conscious Connections Luncheons, third Wednesday of every month (Scottsdale, AZ) Presenting on October 17, 2018: Where Client Satisfaction Really Lives . . . and Why Your Marketing Dollars Aren’t Feeding It Empowered PhXX Entrepreneurship Summits & …

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Nothing Is Created Alone

By Tracy Diziere | January 9, 2018

I’m putting a stake in the ground: Nothing is created alone. This is what came from my Root Session with the fabulous team at Root + River. I’ll write more here later. The important thing is to know that it does take other people to create. We need each other. Despite our ideas about rugged …

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Key Topics

What To Do With a Full Plate

By Tracy Diziere | May 19, 2010 | Comments Off on What To Do With a Full Plate

Ron Ashkenas has a brillant post “Do You Have Too Much on Your Plate?” from Harvard Business Review yesterday in which he advises larger organizations on how to streamline and manage projects.  His first point, “Review the workload across strategic priorities,” has more meaning for companies who have multiple management levels, a departmental structure, and a strategic plan.  […]

Quote of the Day: DIY

By Tracy Diziere | May 19, 2010 | Comments Off on Quote of the Day: DIY

“Focus on what you do best and pay someone to do the rest.” I’m on my soapbox today about doing it yourself, or DIY.  Lately, I’ve seen too many small business owners trying to do it all and once they’ve wasted too much time and money on non-essential tasks, they contact me for help.  Not an […]

Lead Sources

By Tracy Diziere | May 13, 2010 | Comments Off on Lead Sources

Yesterday, a friend and former colleague asked, “Where do most of your leads come from?” “Referrals,” I replied. While I knew that to be true, I also knew my sales pipeline and lead generation spreadsheet data needed to be revisited.  Like most small business owners, I can be remiss in keeping such metrics up to date, […]

On the Backburner

By Tracy Diziere | May 7, 2010 | Comments Off on On the Backburner

Here are just a few blog topics on the backburner (titles and concepts); feel free to suggest others or prompt me to write about one sooner than later: How to Build/Improve a Proposal Process, for small businesses looking to manage RFP responses Between Done and Perfect: Setting Expectations for Marcom Efforts Powers-That-Be vs. Analytics Why […]

Personality in Business

By Tracy Diziere | May 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

I love Kelleye Crane’s interview “Salty and Successful” with Jeremy Pepper, long-time blogger, PR expert, and current director of communications and social media for Palisade Systems. Crane asks important questions that, for me, point to concerns about personality and identity in business. Namely, “do you attract clients and employers who accept and embrace the real you?” Pepper says, […]

Maritz: Employee Sat, Trust Critically Low

By Tracy Diziere | May 6, 2010 | Comments Off on Maritz: Employee Sat, Trust Critically Low

An article today in Incentive magazine covers poll results from market researcher Maritz regarding “record lows” for employee satisfaction and trust of management and coworkers based on a national sample of 2,004 full-time employees. Selected Findings 11 percent of respondents strongly agree that their managers show consistency between their words and actions 7 percent strongly agree that […]

Poking Fun at Pricing

By Tracy Diziere | May 5, 2010 | Comments Off on Poking Fun at Pricing

[youtube][/youtube] I just saw this very funny–or is it sad?–YouTube video on how client pricing issues would get played out in real-world scenarios. My apologies in advance to those clients who understand the difference between a taco-stand taco and a filet mignon vs. those who believe they are paying for beef. It should be said, these […]

To Outsource or Not?

By Tracy Diziere | May 5, 2010 | Comments Off on To Outsource or Not?

Whether to Outsource and How to Value Your Marketing Efforts Here is a quick guide to help the small business owner determine whether to outsource specific marketing tasks and how to decide what his/her marketing efforts are worth. Should I Outsource? Try the classic litmus test for delegating: “If someone else can perform this task […]

Why Process?

By Tracy Diziere | July 21, 2009 | Comments Off on Why Process?

Just a quick post announcing there’s a short presentation* available now for any small or micro business owners/executives asking: Why should my company be concerned with process? How should we develop processes for our business? Process Development For Small Business 040610 TDZ View more presentations from TDZ Creative Partners.