Building Relationships with Events: Day 4 #30DaysofQ2

In 2010, I started holding “office hours,” but I didn’t keep up the trend.  It seems like “tweetups” back then were all the rage, so you could actually expect to meet someone in person you only knew online. I decided to revive the idea this year and use it as a way to sit down with people I had met or break the ice with new folks.

By hosting this small gathering, I get to have interesting conversations and build trust, which is so much better than traditional networking. (Introverts, holla!) Plus, it allows me to follow up without having individual coffee-date overload.  There’s always the opportunity to connect other people, too.

Today I held office hours and was reminded of how much more natural (authentic) it is to listen and be invested in what business owners have going on. Bonus: I get to stay in touch with market needs and stay sharp with respect to solving problems.

How are you building relationships by hosting an event? Other ways? That’s the #30DaysofQ2 challenge for today. Post a comment!

building relationships with events

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