The Alternative to Firing Your Clients: Better Screening

In my earlier post Firing Customers: Why and How,  I referenced Collapse of Distinction: Stand Out and Move Up While Your Competition Fails. This is a book by Scott McKain and although I haven’t read it yet, he has published an informative article on Why You Should Fire (Some of) Your Customers.  Herein, he recommends who to …

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How to Prevent Bad Marketing Decisions as a Small Business Owner

Small business owners sometimes buy print/radio advertising, social media, and other tactical marketing solutions based on the recommendations of a sales representative for those services. Because they haven’t been able to look at all available solutions and make informed decisions (without sales pressure), the owner can incur unnecessary costs, create more work, and achieve little to …

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BPM Research, Small Business, and a Forrester Survey

Although my clients typically aren’t banging the door down for process change and oftentimes are focused on other things, I’m always trying to (re-)focus on the business of doing business.  This means building repeatable processes and tools to support them to lessen the workload and prevent waste.  (Part of the foundations of business.) I suspect that …

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How to Improve Your Small Business Website

Most micro and small businesses started a company website at launch in order to establish a brand identity, build credibility with potential buyers, cross temporal communication barriers, create another opportunity for lead generation or customer education, or even conduct online sales. However, as the company has grown and more information has been added, the site …

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Re-Thinking the Business Plan

Bob Reiss’ article, “Write Your Business Plan in Pencil” from,  has some good points about when and how small businesses might approach business plan development.  Reiss advocates constructing a plan that will be flexible (hence the “in pencil” directive) but explains that “a detailed plan is only required if you want to raise money from a bank or …

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Lead Sources

Yesterday, a friend and former colleague asked, “Where do most of your leads come from?” “Referrals,” I replied. While I knew that to be true, I also knew my sales pipeline and lead generation spreadsheet data needed to be revisited.  Like most small business owners, I can be remiss in keeping such metrics up to date, …

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Maritz: Employee Sat, Trust Critically Low

An article today in Incentive magazine covers poll results from market researcher Maritz regarding “record lows” for employee satisfaction and trust of management and coworkers based on a national sample of 2,004 full-time employees. Selected Findings 11 percent of respondents strongly agree that their managers show consistency between their words and actions 7 percent strongly agree that …

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Poking Fun at Pricing

[youtube][/youtube] I just saw this very funny–or is it sad?–YouTube video on how client pricing issues would get played out in real-world scenarios. My apologies in advance to those clients who understand the difference between a taco-stand taco and a filet mignon vs. those who believe they are paying for beef. It should be said, these …

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Why Process?

Just a quick post announcing there’s a short presentation* available now for any small or micro business owners/executives asking: Why should my company be concerned with process? How should we develop processes for our business? Process Development For Small Business 040610 TDZ View more presentations from TDZ Creative Partners.