How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content

How to Develop a Plan to Update Your Website Content for Solopreneurs Looking to develop a plan to update your website content–either on your own or with some outside help? Most of us know there’s dated content on our sites. If we look at updating our content, we’ll be able to re-post, re-promote and ultimately add…

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What’s Networking Worth to You? ROI Explored.

In talking to solopreneurs and microbusiness owners, I’ve heard many approaches to networking. Some people don’t like to spend money on it. Some think it’s a waste of time. Others understand and believe in networking as a valuable concept, but find the actual activity (or existing options) to be poor investments. Many have had mixed…

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What is a Microbusiness? Do You Own One?

Here is how the term microbusiness–and related terms–are being defined. Number of Employees in a Microbusiness According to the Sam’s Club/Gallup Microbusiness Tracker, a microbusiness is defined as “a business with five or fewer workers.”  AEO defines it the same way (see image “Bigger than You Think“) but adds “including the owner.” Wikipedia, however, identifies a micro-enterprise as…

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