Image and Authenticity: Are Image-Conscious People Authentic?

It’s a controversial question. I imagine in some cases, women in particular reading this may be protesting at the very suggestion. Maybe a better question is “What’s the opposite of authentic?” Is it artifice? Superficiality? Maybe. And if that’s the case, is focusing on image a small part of that?  I admit: I am skeptical …

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Sell Local AZ

Sell Local AZ History I bought the domain selllocalaz.com years ago in response to “Buy Local” campaigns. My thinking was that in many cases we have a distribution problem in Arizona, not a demand problem. There might not be a lack of consumers clamoring for local goods. Instead, it might be a gap in the B2B …

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Shape Your Networks Around a Shared Purpose

Great advice and definitely a goal for TDZ Creative Partners! Thanks to Greg Satell for the quote: “Today, we must learn how to shape networks around a shared purpose.” This is why we created communities (aka networks) around Authenticity and why we are offering the Certified Authentic Networker program in Phoenix.


Collaboration means a lot of different things these days: from B2B companies working with suppliers and customers to entrepreneurs using technology to be productive to small businesses joining forces.  It can also mean Strategic Partnerships, co-marketing, and simply an extra brain to jump-start creative thinking. Marketing Collaboration-on-Call™ No matter how you are defining collaboration, we offer a flexible solution to …

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Naming is at the crux of branding for any business, joint venture, service line, campaign, or even podcast–as the name is one of the most important marketing decisions you will make and the one from which all other marketing decisions (e.g., logo, tagline, messaging, etc.) flow. Unfortunately, too many business leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs rush this …

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Business Process and Operational Efficiency

Who Needs Business Process and Operational Efficiency? Entrepreneurs, microbusinesses, and small businesses (primarily) invest in people and task-based projects to perform their essential functions, usually creating departments or teams to achieve certain objectives. When departments or personnel have different needs and constraints, the organization’s efficiency may suffer. We consult with C-suite, VP-level management, Boards and …

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