File Under Feisty: The Zig-Zag Business Owner

We’ve all seen the zig-zag small business owner in motion.  It’s like watching a drunk driver pass you on the road at night.  They weave all over and have no sense of what they’re doing.  It’s scary and you can’t make them stop immediately.  Even if you could, they probably wouldn’t listen, be able to reason, or understand what they are doing wrong.  It’s painful to see grown men and women drive their businesses aimlessly into the ground and risk hurting others along the way.  At least with the driver, you can call the police and they can stop them, hopefully before any damage is done.  I guess I’d like to be the one who stops the madness for small business owners.  I’d like to help them concentrate on the right things and make better decisions.  I should start MADD: Marketers Against Dumbass Decisions for #smallbiz.  In the meantime, if you know a zig-zagger, feel free to report them to me for questioning.