Gratitude: Another Important But Not Urgent Activity

One of the first times I heard gratitude talked about as a worthwhile activity was at a luncheon with non-profit expert, speaker, author, coach and friend, Jarrett Ransom. I’m pretty sure I did nothing at the time in terms of developing a “gratitude practice.” Again, it’s that issue of urgency, which kept (and often keeps) me in Quadrant 1.

Today is my birthday and so there is a lot to be grateful for. Another year of life. Having my basic needs met. Having friends and family wishing me well. Thank you to everyone who sent me a text, left me a voicemail, messaged me on Facebook, and gave me a thought today even if they did not have the time to reach out. I was able to say “thank you” a little bit today but I have more to do. And it’s not just “doing” gratitude, it is feeling it too. So I will be sure to find it, hold it loosely, let it envelop me, and pass it on.

Day #7’s challenge (which will be continued tomorrow) is to have an attitude of gratitude, to act on it, and to feel it. It’s important, not urgent.


Say it, feel it


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