Naming is at the crux of branding for any business, joint venture, service line, campaign, or even podcast–as the name is one of the most important marketing decisions you will make and the one from which all other marketing decisions (e.g., logo, tagline, messaging, etc.) flow. Unfortunately, too many business leaders, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs rush this part and are not able to consider all the angles and implications of their naming decisions.

In a New York Times article on naming, Paola Norambuena, the executive director of verbal identity at Interbrand, says they [names] give us a “shortcut to a good decision,” but we are quick to add “only when done right.” For those leaders going it alone, sometimes they come up with names that give prospects and customers every reason to scratch their heads, choose another solution, or even run away. (All the more reason we shout, “Nothing is created alone!”)

TDZ’s naming services ensure you are thinking analytically and providing the context to ensure a new venture’s or service line’s success by making it easier for prospects and customers to relate.

The reasons for engaging us in your naming efforts are as follows:

  • To ensure the name represents the breadth of your abilities, value, service offerings, and/or product features and benefits
  • To gain clarity about the offering and its differentiators–now and in the future
  • To ensure the name is memorable and resonates with your audience
  • To ensure the name is consistent with your brand(s)
  • To verify that the name(s) under consideration do not have any negative connotations
  • To have “baked in” value in terms of your brand

Our Strategic Naming Process

When we work with clients in developing a name, the process begins with an understanding of the market, the offering, and its differentiators in the market. This includes knowing what alternatives to your solution exist.  Requirements are developed based on this brand information and preliminary naming ideas are then generated and scrutinized for fit.  (An awful lot of bad names are generated to get to the good ones!) The final name selected is oftentimes the result of brainstorming related to the preliminary naming suggestions. The process sounds deceivingly simple, but there are many detailed considerations (e.g., domain names, trademarks) and nuances (e.g., the emotional quality of the naming ideas) that are explored in the naming process that require a poet’s level of strategic thinking, creativity, pursuit of inspiration, and scrutiny.

If you are serious about establishing a successful brand for your company, offering, or new joint venture and doing it right the first time, contact us today.

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