Recreation as a Quadrant 2 Activity

It’s Friday! What better day to embrace recreation as a Quadrant 2 activity? This one is a no-brainer.

And yet, to make time for fun–aka meaningful entertainment experiences–can seem, well, wrong. That’s the challenge of living in Quadrant 2, especially for solo service providers, self employed folks, and solopreneurs like me.  I’ve talked about the challenge of extracting myself from work before and building relationships with events.

Recreation can be seen as a luxury, sure. But my challenge today is to embrace it as a necessity. I know when I was sick as a dog from chemo, fun seemed like a long way off.  I probably even vowed to have more of it when I was better. And yet, I fall into work. The trick is to throw off this heavy cloak of guilt and enjoy life. I should know this. TGIF to remind me of the importance of this. And since it’s the birthday weekend, I have the best reason of all to celebrate. Here’s to another year of LIFE!


We said “let your hair down,” not take it off!

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