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Sell Local AZ History

I bought the domain years ago in response to “Buy Local” campaigns. My thinking was that in many cases we have a distribution problem in Arizona, not a demand problem. There might not be a lack of consumers clamoring for local goods. Instead, it might be a gap in the B2B  sales that make getting those goods in the hands of consumers difficult.  I wasn’t sure (without data) whether this was the case or not, but thought to explore it further. Then, of course, I got distracted. With my real work. And so I did nothing with the domain name.  As of today, I set up a free site, just for fun. Ironically, I can’t get the wintery, very-unArizona hero image to change but again, not an important investment for me now.

Purpose of This Page

I’d like to know your thoughts on the subject. If you are involved in or have access to the data around buying and selling locally, please share.  If you’d like to do something with the page itself, please contact me. 

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