Reasons You Might Start with Content Marketing vs. Social Media

If you’re a microbusiness owner–and especially in the consulting field–you might feel pressure to jump on the social media bandwagon. (Unless you did years ago and are now regretting it!)

Content marketing (as opposed to social media) may be on your radar, but you’re not sure you need it or where to begin. Or maybe you haven’t heard of the term “content marketing” before. (If so, this post from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) from 2012 is useful.)

In any of these scenarios, taking a larger, more strategic view of your online (and offline) marketing is always a good idea. And according to CMI, “successful social media starts with solid content marketing processes.”

Here are a few specific reasons you might want to start with content marketing:

  • You have existing “content” that can be re-purposed or re-packaged but you’re not sure how.
  • The “news” on your website isn’t new . . . and you have no way to attract and retain website visitors. (Public relations may also be part of the solution, but well-orchestrated with lead capture efforts.)
  • You haven’t invested in social media channels yet and you want to be strategic and deliberate about what you do–knowing that maintaining a consistent brand is important.
  • You understand the importance of thought leadership and you have heavy-hitters on your team, but not all of them will want to be “tweeting” and “Facebooking”–and that may not make sense for your company anyway.
  • You need to create a company presence online–beyond just your personal gravitas–which means achieving the right balance of voice unification (based on your brand and culture) and individual style plus division of labor.
  • Your website isn’t converting leads and/or you are not measuring effectiveness. Without a clear plan to capture leads that’s well-executed on your website, all the social media in the world won’t help. You will increase traffic with social media, but not necessarily business.

Did you start with content marketing? If so, why? What did we miss? Are you considering it? Weigh in below!