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Do You Need Technology for Content Marketing?

In this post, we address whether you–as a small business owner–need technology for content marketing. Technology here refers to marketing automation software or a platform. You may or may not need a big technology investment to support your content efforts.  [box] This is one of our Business Breakdown posts. We break down a marketing headline,…

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How to Prevent Bad Marketing Decisions as a Small Business Owner

Small business owners sometimes buy print/radio advertising, social media, and other tactical marketing solutions based on the recommendations of a sales representative for those services. Because they haven’t been able to look at all available solutions and make informed decisions (without sales pressure), the owner can incur unnecessary costs, create more work, and achieve little to…

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To Outsource or Not?

Whether to Outsource and How to Value Your Marketing Efforts Here is a quick guide to help the small business owner determine whether to outsource specific marketing tasks and how to decide what his/her marketing efforts are worth. Should I Outsource? Try the classic litmus test for delegating: “If someone else can perform this task…

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