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Optimism in Entrepreneurship: Is It a Requirement?

A while ago I saw a quote someone re-tweeted from Michael E. Gerber, the author of The E-Myth and Founder of Club E: “The entrepreneur sees opportunities everywhere we [sic] look, while many people see only problems everywhere they look.” This statement made me wonder: Is seeing opportunities (aka optimism) vs. problems (aka pessimism) a requirement…

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Defining a “Small Business Owner” and an “Entrepreneur”

Yesterday, Entrepreneur Magazine and @EntMagazineAmy asked via Twitter: What’s the difference between a “Small Business Owner” and an “Entrepreneur”? Here’s my take on the question: A Small Business Owner holds that management position because s/he bought an existing business or franchise, inherited a business, or started his/her own business. The Entrepreneur is a subset of the…

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