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Who We Are

TDZ Creative Partners is an IT channel marketing agency that supports technology marketers in doing more.

We work with visionaries in channel marketing and channel sales roles within global vendor companies—from Fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries to $1B startups. We support their mature channel partner programs and portals with content and management services. Our work with current clients has expanded to include supporting and supplementing global/corporate marketing with product-launch-related content and more.

For every one of our client-partners, our goal is to help them bring their ideas to life, grow their capacity to produce content, scale up their operational efficiency fast, and ultimately become more visible intrapreneurs within their organizations. 

Established as Tracy Diziere & Associates LLC in 2007, TDZ has grown into a Creative Partnering™ agency with a dynamic team of service-driven professionals. We also enjoy building relationships with strategic business partners in the channel who share similar values and complementary skills to our services, whether consultants, solutions, or specialized agencies.

I see our team’s role as ‘creative partners,’ helping IT channel leaders with big dreams and limited resources bring the best ideas to life. In our team and client relationships, we define success as working within our unique strengths (or ‘genius zones’) while sharing a high degree of commitment, mutual respect, and appreciation for each other. Overall, our passion is in helping clients go further, faster—together.

Tracy Diziere, President + CEO

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Our Creative Partnering™ Approach

At TDZ, we know that every great innovator had a creative partner along the way; someone who understood the soul of their work and worked alongside them to overcome challenges and unearth the best ideas. 

Our Creative Partnering™ approach means that we cultivate relationships of open communication, appreciation of each other’s visions and strengths, and a firm commitment to owning the challenge and solutions together with our clients—resulting in deeper levels of collaboration and insight.

Our unique approach has its own tenets: Practice Non-Judgment, Be Prolific, and Get Real, discussed in depth here. In addition to these pillars, during every project we work with the following ideals in mind.

Everyone deserves the freedom to generate ideas and the proper support to change what is not working.

We seek to thoroughly understand our clients’ expectations, starting with the end in mind, to deliver results fast.

We’re proud of the high-quality content work we do, achieved by loosening the grip of perfectionism, knowing we will continuously improve and refine as we go.

Learn more about our Creative Partnering™ approach now.

Our Client Services Team

We are a team of highly collaborative thinkers and achievers with a diverse set of skills and a ton of passion for being of service. Bound by our dedication to delivering on client expectations and creating a positive experience in the process, we work together to help overloaded channel marketing, channel sales, channel programs, and line of business professionals achieve more.

Beyond the desk, our client services team is made up of cancer survivors, happy campers, yoginis, community volunteers, choral singers, moms, cake decorators, poets, cat cuddlers, learners, and Cross-Fitters. We like getting to know our clients on a personal level and enjoy being an extension of their teams. For the long haul!

In support of self-expression and individualism, we each chose our own favorite quotes, the motivations behind our passion, or how we define our roles at TDZ.

Tracy Diziere head shot, TDZ Creative Partners President & CEO for an IT channel marketing agency

Tracy Diziere

President & CEO (aka Creativity Conduit)

“Conducting” channel awesomeness and team genius zone work.

Jacqueline Luk Paredes head, TDZ Director of Operations for an IT channel marketing agency shot

Jacqueline Luk Paredes

Director of Growth & Operations (aka Data Diva)

Together making a positive difference.

Cara Patterson head shot

Cara Patterson

Senior Project Manager (aka Uncomplicator)

Let’s make order out of chaos together.

Katie Peabody head shot

Katie Peabody

Senior Project Manager (aka Portal Maestro)

Detail- and solution-oriented team player who supports customers’ PRM goals.

Ruth Ann Nielsen-Rodgriquez head shot

Ruth Ann Nielsen-Rodriguez

Senior Analyst & Channel Consultant (aka Data Wrangler)

“The successful warrior is the average man with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

Jillian Carapella head shot

Jillian Carapella

Account and Project Manager (aka Taskmaster)

Creating results, one step at a time.

Amber Hartmann head shot

Amber Hartmann

Senior Project Manager (aka Creative Collaborator)

How can I help?

Peggy Kelly head shot

Peggy Kelly

Senior Copywriter and Project Manager (aka Creative Leprechaun)

Word alchemist transforming ideas into solutions for you.

What’s Your “More”?

Is your goal to create more content, become more visible in your organization as an innovator, or have more peace because you have the support of a larger team? Or are you looking for something else entirely? Whatever it is, as your IT channel marketing agency, we’d like to help you get one step closer to having your “more.”