Our Approach

Nothing Is Created Alone

What Does It Take To Innovate?

At TDZ Creative Partners, we believe that every great innovator had a “creative partner” along the way—someone who worked alongside them to overcome challenges and bring the best ideas fully to life. 

Our clients—whether they work in a B2B technology organization on the channel marketing, channel sales, channel programs, product marketing, or value-added reseller side—are always looking to create change and move the revenue needle. When they bring in TDZ as an extension of their teams, they get a deep level of collaboration that allows for greater professional and personal achievement. As visionaries and innovators coming to the table with mutual respect and complementary skills, we share a core belief:

Nothing is created alone.

We understand that the best results come from cultivating a relationship of open communication, appreciation of each other’s vision and strengths, and a firm commitment to owning the challenges and solutions together.

From the executive to the individual contributor level, the clients we work with are united by one thing: they are poised for transformation, have envisioned success (even if not the path to get there), and are committed to stepping up their productivity in order to achieve more for themselves, their departments, and their organizations.

Explore Your Support Options

Is a lack of internal resources or bandwidth preventing you from getting the job done as you see fit? We invite you to explore your options with our Creative Partnering™ agency. Let us know how we can support you!


Our Creative Partnering™ Approach

Our approach, called “Creative Partnering™,” means meeting you where you are—no matter the current state of your partner marketing support or other capabilities. This means we are wholly invested, practice non-judgment, and “go slow to go fast.”

Our experience and client successes have taught us that this approach opens the floodgates to the highest creativity, analysis, and results possible. We start by taking the time to get to know your objectives, vision, and challenges and building our working relationship based on respect. As creative partners, we’re able to easily and quickly run with your vision—whether it’s clearly defined and you need to move things off your plate or you need an extra brain to refine your thinking.

This kind of attention and level of access to us is available to everyone in your organization who’s working with us actively. Channel marketing, channel sales, partner programs, and corporate or product marketing clients lean on us when they’re lacking ideas for partner marketing support, have too many ideas and aren’t sure where to start, or have a clearly defined, high priority idea or challenge and can’t see the pathway to executing it.  

As part of our approach, we have flexible proposal and engagement options to meet clients where they are in all of these instances.

You Can Turn to Us

Are you feeling the weight of your responsibilities plus the operational bandwidth challenge and realizing the need for a solution that goes beyond a traditional vendor relationship? Consider a Creative Partnering™ agency.


About Our Guiding Principles

These are the ideals that frame our work and make us different. It’s important to us that we understand what clients value and to share what we value upfront and along the way. Here’s how we show up and how we work.

The best working relationships are based on commitment, so we are wholly invested in your success. In any true business partnership, the benefits are many, including shared vision, division of labor, and real accountability. We strive for that level of partnership—in service to what we can co-create together, transcending a typical vendor role.

Leaders with beginners’ minds and less judgment excel at innovating because they have more options from the start. When it comes to working through challenges or making channel decisions, we help you think things through that you may not have considered, expanding your ability to accomplish your objectives and innovate.

In solving channel problems, it’s important to generate a high volume of ideas (even bad ones) to get to the right, or even groundbreaking, ideas. Going it alone doesn’t always yield this result. Because of a non-judgment approach, together, we’re able to be prolific to get to the most original and fitting solutions.

Working in a vacuum, anyone can end up executing on the wrong ideas, overlooking key success factors, or losing perspective on priorities. The value of a creative partner is that we help you look at all the angles, stay aligned with your objectives, and ultimately be more productive—whether we’re working with channel content, portal changes, or campaign possibilities.

Leaders and teams need to build on their successes and course-correct to make changes for the better. We focus on doing this both internally and with our clients by collecting regular feedback (through performance evaluation checks and surveys) and sometimes employing an MVP approach for quick wins, knowing we can always iterate towards perfection. 

Creative Partnering: An Approach and an Offer

As a Creative Partnering™ Agency, we help B2B channel marketers with their content and partner marketing support initiatives. And we apply our creative partnering principles to both the account and project levels.

As a client, you always have access to us as a sounding board—even if your idea is just taking shape. For projects large and small, we have your best interests in mind, keep the ideas coming, hear you out, ask questions, leverage our networks, and tell you what we think after analyzing the possibilities.

Our clients are dedicated to success and experience a variety of complex, unclear, and challenging situations. They’re also excited by the prospect and power of making positive changes. No matter what their frame of mind, specific role, or level, our clients recognize the need for creative partners like us to provide the insight and momentum to bring the best ideas to life.

Learn more about the specific work we do for the following.

  • Channel Marketers: Support channel partners and your internal teams who support them with partner- and end-user-facing content and fulfill your marketing plan objectives. 
  • Channel Sales and Program Management: Recruit, support, and engage channel partner executives and sellers with the appropriate onboarding, training and enablement, and portal access.
  • Alliance Marketers: Launch effective, co-branded campaigns with incentives and simplified technical solution content to enable sales and promote joint solutions with alliance partners.
  • Global, Corporate, or Product Marketers: Expand your ability to meet the unique needs of channel stakeholders with a channel-proficient agency to free up your workflow or supplement your launches with more content.
  • Individual Pros: Achieve your personal and professional goals with long-term, one-on-one coaching with TDZ founder and Creativity Conduit Tracy Diziere via a customized Creative Partnering™ Engagement.

What Do You Need to Achieve?

Does an idea for channel program improvements, content, partner marketing support, or engagement come to mind? Something you haven't quite been able to tackle yourself? Or is there a specific solution you’ve been trying to get to alone? We’re here to help. Your first step is to get in touch.