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Expand Your Bandwidth

Anyone with channel partner marketing responsibilities is juggling multiple priorities all the time. With a busy corporate marketing communications and design team, higher-level requests, your visionary ideas, and new specific needs from your CMs, CAMs, PMMs, regional managers, alliances marketers, partners, and everyone else, it can be challenging to cross anything off your list at the rate you hoped, at the speed you wanted, or with the quality you expected.

It can be daunting to overcome these challenges by yourself or even with a small team. Thankfully, you don’t have to.

TDZ Creative Partners is a channel partner marketing agency that helps you tackle more in your day. We help you create the channel-facing content, in the right formats, that you need. And, we help load it onto your portal on time in order to achieve your goals, enable your partners, and keep everyone happy.



You have an objective perspective that’s been great for me. You are so dialed in and provide a lot of value in questioning the things I don’t even think of. Your team has been a constant AND makes it easier to get campaigns out the door. It’s a partnership that goes both ways.

Worldwide Partner Marketing Leader

At TDZ, we take pride in working as an extension of your team. We meet you where you already are, identifying common challenges and providing realistic and creative solutions to support your best ideas and drive progress on your goals.

Simply put, we love making channel partner marketing easier for you.

Creative Partnering with Channel Marketers

You’re working hard to step up your organization’s channel marketing game, which often means burning the candle at both ends strategically and tactically. In the face of multiple demands, limited time, and the overwhelm that results, your creativity and problem-solving capabilities may be exhausted.

We get it. We also know that working with a creative partner can help you pull your vision, creative ideas, and goals—even those that have been put off for far too long—back into focus.

For us, creative partnering is a simple phrase that encompasses a lot. It goes beyond support, to providing the clarity and collaboration you need to get more done. What does that mean?

At TDZ, we bring the resources and creative sounding board you need to find, flesh out, and follow through on your vision and goals. There is strength in numbers when it comes to implementing your unique ideas and solutions. Our clients come to us with their ideas, solutions, goals, and deliverable needs, and our team makes it happen.

In the past, for example, we’ve helped channel marketers:

  • Launch podcasts to expand their reach
  • Coordinate high-profile events for partners
  • Improve their sales’ teams LinkedIn profiles
  • Customize their portals for improved segmentation
  • Bring ground-breaking enablement tools to life

Still at the ideation phase and not even sure where to start? You don’t need to have the scope and deliverables all figured out before you come to us. We collaborate creatively in this phase by asking good questions, providing alternate perspectives, and proposing options to align with your goals and budget.

Ultimately, TDZ works alongside you to generate and vet new channel marketing ideas, create solutions and content, and get more done.

We are doing cutting-edge stuff. Whenever I have an idea, your team entertains it and we find a way to make it happen.

Manager, Marketing & Strategy (Channel)

Our Channel Marketing Capabilities

Whether you need a one-off, a suite of specific assets, or help deciding what will best enable partners, fill gaps in your current marketing efforts, and elevate your presence as an innovative channel leader, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Content support and strategy

  • Blog posts and web content

  • Social media posts

  • Digital content

  • Landing pages

  • Ecommerce product descriptions

  • Press releases

  • Campaign logos

  • Campaign project plan templates

  • Outsourced project management

  • Demand gen content

  • Partner portal launches

  • Product one-pagers

  • Campaign overview one-pagers

  • Sales incentives one-pagers

  • Alliances campaign support

We Understand Channel Partner Marketing Challenges

Finally, we’re always learning from our clients about the specific challenges they face. Having this knowledge helps us be better creative partners and fill gaps that exist for channel marketers so that they can excel in their roles. These are the most common issues we see our clients facing and how we help.

As part of a small team or team of one in a global organization, your challenge is getting the day-to-day tasks done (hello, partner sales reporting!) while driving positive change. You have no shortage of ideas—only resources. Imagine what you could do with a team who is dedicated to making your ideas for increasing channel sales a reality. That’s where we come in, with our team of channel marketing content writers, designers, project managers, and more.

Because we establish a relationship and focus on ramping up our knowledge once you reach out to us, our team needs minimal direction to get the job done. We can hit the ground running to get your next project underway fast. Let us execute the straightforward channel content marketing projects and deliverables you need to cross off your list so you can focus on other matters.

When a client comes to TDZ with a content challenge or lack of ideas or clarity, we work behind the scenes to generate creative solutions about what opportunities exist. Then, we weigh the pros and cons of each solution and come back with the best options. Clients can choose from a customized list of recommendations that meet both their needs and budgets.

Our channel partner marketing clients often come to us with existing assets that need to be re-cast for their channel and partner efforts. Whether that means translating technical product information to make it more accessible and compelling or refining content to speak to your channel partners, we can build on what your (perhaps global) marketing department is already doing. And, we’re happy to work with them directly too. 

TDZ is so supportive and proactive and helpful and quick and high quality. Everyone is so responsive and helpful.

eCommerce Marketing Manager

Let’s Start the Conversation

With a trusted creative partner, you can achieve your channel marketing objectives and thrive. We understand the challenges you face and have creative solutions for overcoming them. Let’s talk about your next project or idea—and examples of our real-world success—to see how TDZ can help.