Alliance Marketing Support

Enable channel sales to promote joint IT solutions with alliance partner campaigns

Get More Done

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself? Or that your days had more hours? We get it. As an alliances marketing manager, you’re not only fostering collaborative and strategic relationships and refining offers, sales plays, and pecking orders, but also driving the development of joint co-marketing campaigns, content, and sales collateral for field sales and marketing teams, as well as channel partners.

Unfortunately, you can’t create more hours in a day, but you can get more done.

TDZ Creative Partners is an IT channel agency that provides alliance marketing support so managers can do more. We help our vendor-clients provide marketing content for a current promotion, campaign, or sales play and empower their channels to learn about a joint solution with an alliance partner.

At TDZ, we are your “more hours in the day” with tactical, hands-on alliance marketing support.

Whether your goals and immediate responsibilities are launching joint alliance partner campaigns on tight timelines or enabling channel partners to promote and sell a joint solution, we can help. And when it comes to assets, we transform complex technical documentation into compelling, easy-to-read, benefits-oriented collateral for your partner reps and end users.

We are seeing a big push for campaigns tied to alliances & channel partners these days.

Global Alliances Marketing Lead

What Can We Create Together?

Whether you have a joint campaign launching or too many ideas and not enough time, we can help. Let’s talk.


Your Alliance Goals Are Now Within Reach

Strategic, forward-thinking alliance managers know that collaboration is a crucial advantage in today’s competitive tech industry. It's what drives innovation. And it's a smart business move to leverage complementary strengths, markets, and offers—whether they exist today or can be created.

However, supporting alliances requires strategy, content, programs, and a channel perspective to execute to- and through-channel sales and field sales marketing. Read on to learn about the deliverables we can help create.

Product and Service Support

Your joint solutions may be obvious to you, your OEM partner, and the most technical audiences. But perhaps partners and end users are lost.  How do you know? And who do you turn to for alliances marketing support to ensure you're providing easy-to-understand product content to prepare partners for sales conversations? We help translate technology-speak to benefits-oriented marketing collateral.

Joint Marketing Collateral

Your joint strategy is solid; you just need help rolling it out. Whether you only have budding ideas for go-to-market content, skeleton drafts, or anything in between, engage us as your creative team to ramp up your new (or amp up your existing) alliance relationships with the right mix of assets.

Incentives Materials

You’ve hashed out the incentives and payouts and legal approval is (probably) pending. You can still get a jump-start on building out the partner-facing content and WIIFM communications your channel and alliance partners will need to be motivated to participate in the program. We can help.

Campaign and Promotional Support

Just like your channel marketing counterparts, you need to promote IT solutions—you’ve just got a lot more stakeholders! Whether you are dividing and conquering already with your in-house team and your alliance partner, or if you are leading the charge on a campaign, we’ll help your partners and theirs get the word out to generate leads with co-branded assets and tools.

Our Alliance Marketing Support Services

The amount of content you need to produce for all your alliances to support sales teams and channel partners can be overwhelming. From new alliances that need a suite of assets to those deep partnerships that could use a refresh, we’re here to help.

Our team includes marketing, channel marketing, content, and design professionals who create, merge, transform, and translate content into the co-branded partner-facing and end-user-facing assets you and your alliances need to generate leads and drive sales.

This is what we can do.

  • Develop training and support materials 
  • Translate product details into clear and accessible features for partners and end users
  • Create reference architecture one-pagers, implementation guides, or similar deliverables 
  • Produce sales enablement and marketing content, like battle cards, cheat sheets, and playbooks
  • Identify joint partners and launch recruitment campaigns
  • Create materials to support and drive go-to-market strategies 
  • Deliver program guides and presentations 
  • Promote partner success with customer case studies for partners and end users
  • Produce SPIFF templates
  • Create sales incentive guides and one-pagers 
  • Roll out incentives communications 
  • Create custom graphics and support for incentives platform or alliances sections of your partner portal
  • Promotional materials, like datasheets, signage, posters, and banners
  • Marketing materials, like email campaigns, banner ads, landing pages, and microsites
  • Mobile apps for alliance events or programs 
  • Tradeshow or virtual booth graphics and presentations 
  • Door-openers and promotional items
  • Partner portal announcements and graphics

Let’s Align for Greater Productivity

If you’re struggling to find the talent, resources, or time to continuously innovate as the global marketplace demands, there’s help. Leading companies know that alliance partnerships can be the key to offering better products and services, increasing distribution, and edging out the competition—ultimately getting more visibility and capturing more value.

Just like them, you can create your own “strategic alliance” with TDZ as your creative partner for alliance marketing support.