Channel Partner Support

Drive partner program growth with the right communications and assets

Leading the Partner Program Charge

How you tell the story about the value of your partner program matters. By creating a cohesive partner experience from initial onboarding to certification to deal registration, you help rally and drive the partner sales that help your business thrive.

Whether you’re in channel sales, ops, or marketing, however, being in charge of these elements is sometimes overwhelming, especially when you’re one of many stakeholders. Even if you have the strategy piece locked down—from designing the program structure to innovating the joint business planning processes—you may not have the time or resources to develop the assets you need to effectively communicate program value and details with your partners.

What can be even more challenging is to have the vision for the messaging, but be unable to fully develop the resulting assets to get internal teams and partners aligned with consistent messaging. 

We’re here to support you in doing and achieving (and dreaming of!) more. 

TDZ Creative Partners provides channel partner support solutions to enterprise technology companies. Our team can help you launch the communications and tools that make it easy for partners to actively participate in your program, take your certification training, and adopt your channel partner support efforts. We make it easier to explain (and show!) the benefits of your partner program to drive channel sales, so you can focus on the tasks that only you can do.

Launch Your Effective Communications

Ready to innovate, inspire, and impress? TDZ can support your partner program communications. Your first step is to get in touch. We’d love to talk about your next project or idea.


Let’s Uplevel Your Partner Experience

TDZ is a Creative Partnering™ agency that brings high-level insight, upleveled channel partner support, and a fresh perspective to your program goals. 

We provide support in tactical, hands-on ways as needed, and can also grow into a long-term creative partnership with your team. We get to know you, your goals, your strengths, your challenges, and your ideas from a place of non judgment, and expand on that foundation. Supporting your partner program communications typically begins by:

  • Understanding the overall marketing collateral your company already has in place
  • Determining which partner assets are working effectively, and which are adding to the confusion
  • Looking at your current content and systems through the eyes of a new (or established) partner

When possible, we start from the very beginning because sometimes knowing the ins and outs of your program means you’re too close to it to see it from a new partner’s perspective. 

Once we have all of these pieces in place, we work with you to identify the big picture story; asking and answering questions like: 

  • Which types of collateral, support, and communications are compelling enough to drive the desired partner action? 
  • How can we help you create a unified and holistic partner experience from potentially disparate systems and a mishmash of content? 
  • Which assets and processes build good productive partners who are invested in your joint growth?

For example, we might be working with you on a new channel enablement tool such as an onboarding presentation. Because we work with a beginner’s mind and go slow to go fast, we’re able to identify any conflicting information or experience gaps that may be preventing partners from hitting the ground running. 

For every partnership, TDZ provides the resources you need to get the work done. We act as a creative extension of your team, providing all-hands-on-deck support for your tactical needs, such as developing channel partner onboarding presentations, sales incentives guides, and more.

We appreciate your expertise and professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.

Service Sales Program Manager

Channel Partner Support Platforms

Whether you call them partner portals, PRMs, TCMAs, LMSs, incentives platforms, or by their brand names, the technology stack tools that support channel partner activities need constant attention—and they need to work together with consistent branding.

These platforms play a critical role in onboarding, engaging, and transacting. Everyone on the vendor side often has a stake in the game—if not in the results!—of the partner experience and content available within these platforms, even if they do not regularly access them. From CMOs and channel chiefs to the CRO and sales leadership, stakeholders need assurances that these systems, particularly the PRMs or portals, are easy to use, kept up to date, and drive partner growth and success.

From creating compelling program communications and training materials to structuring, maintaining, and managing them, TDZ can support your channel partners—and you—with our PRM services. Learn more about how we support channel partner platforms.

Our Channel Partner Support Services

TDZ Creative Partners is a partner program agency with client services, marketing, content, and design professionals who can elevate your partner program’s (and product’s) story. We help illustrate technical or complex topics, translating them into powerful sales guides and collateral for your partners. This is how we help.

  • Channel partner onboarding presentations
  • Joint business planning presentations
  • Deal registration program guides
  • SKO presentations
  • Training videos, animated or live action
  • Alliances content and campaigns
  • Selling guides
  • Battle cards
  • Sales playbooks
  • Support for extended learning initiatives
  • Partner program guides
  • Brochures and leave-behinds
  • Partner recruiting presentations
  • Videos, animated or live action
  • Sales incentives guides
  • SPIFF or other incentives one-pagers
  • Promotional items
  • Onboarding process mapping
  • Onboarding content audit
  • Partner welcome kits
  • Program logo design
  • Custom program graphics
  • Collateral about program updates
  • Extended enterprise learning path guides
  • Customized partner portal experiences

Create Space, Drive Growth

As a stakeholder in partner program success and channel partner engagement, having more space in your days allows you to think bigger and execute on the ideas that drive higher sales and partner engagement. Discover more space by contacting TDZ Creative Partners today.