Leverage Your Lessons to Increase Client Retention

Retaining an existing client is more cost effective than acquiring a new one. But relationships with clients, just like relationships with people in your life, aren’t always smooth sailing. How do you capture and learn from the situations that DON’T go so well so that you can improve on client relations going forward?

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TDZ Creative Partners is a channel marketing agency for leaders who want to see the best ideas come to life and deliver more to their partners and organizations. We believe that “Nothing is created alone.” So we’ve designed a tool called “Leverage Your Lessons” that walks you through the process of debriefing your experiences. You can use it internally or even as an exercise with clients after project completion.

BONUS: This tool can be applied to ANY continuous improvement initiative or used with any team who needs to synthesize knowledge gained at an individual level to serve the greater good.

Leverage Your Lessons

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How It Works and Why Use This Tool

Turn Lemons into Lessons

It’s inevitable. At some point, you’ll hit a snag in a client relationship.

Think of these situations as learning opportunities. As soon as possible after an event, it’s important to capture while fresh:

  • What was the issue?
  • What happened?
  • What lessons can I/we learn?

This can be done using the tool on an individual basis or while regrouping on a call with the relevant team members.


Share the Knowledge

Don’t let valuable lessons happen in a vacuum. Capture how you can apply them next time (using the tool) and share them within your team or organization. For example:

  • Create an internal “Leverage Your Lessons” folder or wiki page where you store this data
  • Share lessons during team meetings
  • Incorporate tangible actions into your processes and procedures


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