Channel Partner Performance Metrics

Measuring channel performance across partners and data silos made easier

Show Me the Data

All channel professionals can use data to make better decisions about their global partner programs, incentives, and content, plus understand partner composition, trends, and engagement levels. But as Forrester acknowledges, channel data “is often incomplete or inaccurate, and doesn’t provide an integrated view of each partner or channel performance as a whole.” And oftentimes, that’s because channel partner performance metrics and related data come from disparate places (PRMs, TCMAs, CRMs, partner intranets, etc.) and not in the right format. Plus, there’s a lot of it to wrangle—and then analyze.

We know you’re already strapped for time to handle your primary responsibilities (because fire drills). And data analytics isn’t everyone’s genius zone. Data entry and spreadsheet manipulation is often not the best use of your time, anyway. Managing your partners is challenging enough (73% of you say so, per Forrester in Channel Data Is A Competitive Differentiator), including being their data gophers and prepping their QBR presentations. (Not to mention your internal reports with channel partner performance metrics, campaign results, portal usage stats, and more for your CMO, CRO, or VP.)

Still, the numbers need to be crunched, the manual inputs made, the reps paid, the recommendations and reports produced, the action steps taken. While you may dream of APIs, AI, and new reporting features, the reality is you need a stop gap—which is probably a human resource. You’re looking for someone to take your data burden until you have the automation holy grail—or the bandwidth to produce and share meaningful and beautiful reports.

Manipulating Data Is Harder Than It Looks

Not all channel marketing managers or channel sales leaders enjoy or have time to figure out what data to look at, mine multiple systems, be buried in spreadsheets, create formulas, calculate results, draw conclusions, produce reports with recommendations, and take action. And doing it all alone is tough. TDZ Creative Partners can take on any or all of those steps in the process to give you time back in your day and allow you to focus on the things that only you can do—and that make a bigger impact.

Team Assembling a Pie Chart Symbolizing Channel Performance Management

Let’s Get It Together

With all these silos and responsibilities, let’s make things easier, shall we? Tell us what your data challenges are, and we’ll roll up our sleeves to find a solution together.


Our Data Analytics and Reporting Services

Our data analytics and reporting services provide busy channel marketing managers with the consolidated information they need—without the hassle—to make better decisions about incentives, promotions, and campaigns; sales focus and enablement; and pricing.

We’re not only focused on reporting data but also cleaning it. In an eCommerce environment, your syndicated SKU information needs to be accurate and up to date to drive sales through the channel. TDZ Creative Partners can ensure your products are ripe for purchase by conducting an audit and helping to fix any gaps we find.

Sample Projects

  • Data-Driven Marketing Plan Decisions

  • Ecommerce Web Description Deficiencies

  • SPIFF Strategies, Partner Payout Reports, and Analyses

  • Cross-reseller Pricing Analysis

Key Benefits

As a result of having support in gathering channel partner performance metrics, channel marketing and channel sales clients are able to:

  • Run successful campaigns by collecting and analyzing data about their partners’ customers, their verticals, and markets they are interested in penetrating.

  • Present (to their bosses) otherwise unattainable insight and reports based on the interpretation of data.

  • Understand the story that is being told by sales reports—and retell that story in their organizations.

  • Provide immediately useful reports to partners and channel chiefs that are intelligible and not overly complex.

  • Influence strategic decisions and guide overall strategy based on seeing how a partner is moving in its market and industry.

  • Answer business questions such as how they are faring compared to large eCommerce players or market share.

  • Ensure goals are right-sized for the partners’ representatives so that high sales are met and payouts make sense.

  • Feed back success metrics and conclusions into to-partner marketing (recruiting) or business planning discussions.

  • Determine the best promotions based on product performance and pricing data.

Have a Project in Mind?

If you want to talk about a project or your goals for collecting, synthesizing, or sharing data across siloed systems, we are all ears.