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Leadership vs. Management: Why It Matters to Marketing

For some reason, I woke up this morning with an awful memory of the most negative, hard to please, fast-paced-without-logic-or-specialized-marketing-knowledge-or-metrics boss I’ve ever had. My pervasive thought was: “You, sir, are the antithesis of a leader.” The internal dialogue continued. “Although you may be deemed by some as a good manager, mostly from the ability…

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How to Budget for Culture

Hint: Make culture directly funded by each sale There’s a lot I could say about Buffer‘s (aka Bufferapp’s) pricing transparency and how they have budgeted for culture, as well as the impact that has on me as a prospective customer. But, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just let this sink in:…

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Maritz: Employee Sat, Trust Critically Low

An article today in Incentive magazine covers poll results from market researcher Maritz regarding “record lows” for employee satisfaction and trust of management and coworkers based on a national sample of 2,004 full-time employees. Selected Findings 11 percent of respondents strongly agree that their managers show consistency between their words and actions 7 percent strongly agree that…

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