Channel Marketers

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As a channel marketer, are you creating enough–and the right kind of–content?

Channel marketers know, when done strategically and creatively, content marketing helps them meet a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Supporting the launch of new products to the channel
  • Enabling increased sales and revenue
  • Keeping the brand top of mind
  • Strengthening positive relationships with partners
  • Attracting new channel partners

And more. We know there are a number of competing priorities that channel marketers (and channel managers with marketing responsibilities) are juggling all the time. It can be challenging to do it all alone. To create all the content and in the right formats to achieve your goals, by yourself.

You don’t have to. In our work with channel professionals like you, we take pride in being an extension of your team to provide the most valuable information to those who need it. We also have a keen understanding of today’s channel marketers’ common scenarios, as well as the most effective ways to deal with them.

It’s easy to start the conversation right now . . .

Don’t let your own bandwidth, vague ideas, lack of support, or overwhelm get the better of you! With a trusted creative partner, you can achieve your channel marketing objectives.

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How can you create more content as a channel marketer?

Whether it’s partner program marketing content, sales enablement pieces, new product launch support, or content marketing for any number of your competing priorities, we know it’s challenging to do it all alone. You don’t have to.

Let us help you produce meaningful information for–and interactions with–your partners and their customers. We take great pride in being an extension of your team and can complement what your global marketing department is already doing.

What other partner marketing program support is available to you?

Content Marketing Services

As a skilled and strategic marketer within a channel enterprise, you sometimes need to leverage external resources to launch, promote, or accelerate your B2B Partner Marketing programs. TDZ Creative Partners allows you to extend your productivity and capabilities–and ultimately meet your goals–by developing compelling, branded content that you can roll out to partners, FAST. As strategists ourselves, we are also able to provide input when B2B partner marketing content deliverable needs are not 100% clear or when you need to come up with the right mix of content to achieve sales enablement, create partner adoption/momentum, launch a product or program, or solve communications problems (or participation barriers) in the channel. When you know exactly what assets you need, we’re willing and able to execute on that in, as one of our clients likes to say, “ludicrous speed.”

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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) or Portal Support

Most clients have some sort of system (and often multiple ones!) for communicating with, educating, engaging, and motivating channel partners. Whether a home-grown portal or a purchased PRM, you’re creating and organizing the appropriate sales enablement, training, and marketing content partners need to do their jobs well without friction. We make it easy for you--and them!--by ensuring your system is implemented with your users, brand, and objectives in mind. If you’ve already hit the ground running with a PRM and are experiencing the frustration of not enough time to manage (and even re-envision) it, we also provide that support.

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What Clients Are Saying . . .

We conduct performance check-ins with our channel marketing clients; here’s some of the feedback we received:

"You guys have been great, huge help. Don’t know what we would do without your help! You’re great to work with."

— Director, Channel Marketing

"Your team is great . . . Companies don’t really ask these questions [about customer service] often enough . . . and those that don’t are the ones that probably should!"

— Sr. etail/eCommerce Channel Marketing Manager

. . . we appreciate your expertise and professionalism. We are working on 2019 plans, priorities, and budget. . . . Thank you again. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team.

— Service Sales Program Manager