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As we approach and/or dive into a brand new year, we’re reminded that there’s no better time than the present to take the next step towards our future success and happiness! As channel marketing, channel sales, or partner program professionals at all levels who have landed on this page, congratulations on moving closer to your goals, dreams, and passions. We applaud your initiative, and we want to help!

In our complimentary and interactive Control Your Career (and Future) Forum, we’ll connect you with others who are ready to move forward--whether that includes growing your career within your current organization, making the leap to entrepreneurship, or transitioning after a layoff.

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Whatever moves you want to make, we’ll be sharing expert advice and offering support to help you reach your next level. Pre-register for this event! We'll schedule the event based on pre-registration input.

This will be a personalized event and safe space. We’ll send a survey link with everyone who signs up, asking you to share the specific questions or scenarios that you’d like us to address. Nothing (and yes, we mean nothing) with respect to your career happiness is off the table. The sky's the limit, so please, ask away!

Some potential topics we may address include:

  • How can I manage up and gain influence in my current role?
  • My job isn’t in alignment with who I am and what I’d like to be doing. How can I cope in the meantime?
  • I have a big idea for my own business. How can I gain traction and support for my vision?
  • I recently experienced a layoff. How can I bounce back?
  • I feel creatively blocked. How can I get unstuck?

Based on all of your responses to our survey, we’ll customize the forum’s content to make sure everyone is heard. It’s important to be open and honest, so please, don’t be shy about sharing your concerns and giving advice during our time together. Everyone has something valuable and insightful to share (#nothingiscreatedalone).

Lastly, we want to remind you that you always have options, even if it may not feel that way now. Nothing is created alone, and we look forward to creating with you!

Why Are We Doing This?

It's in our nature to create the space for channel professionals to be their most productive and healthy selves. As an extension of our brand and our purpose to end channel burnout, we are constantly thinking of ways to support the channel ecosystem. For past initiatives and other resources, check out our End Channel Burnout page.

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Control Your Career (and Future) Forum

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