Our root belief that "Nothing is created alone" is important now more than ever, as small channel teams try to accomplish more with less. We're passionate about supporting channel leaders and their teams so they can enjoy life while achieving their goals. This passion led us to coin the hashtag,  #endchannelburnout.

Allies as a Burnout Prevention Strategy

Are the disconnects between men and women in the channel contributing to burnout? Would being/having an ally make a difference? What would that look like for you personally?

We’d like to explore these topics in the future and create the space to learn about allyship. (We might even come up with new and exciting ways to support better communication among us and recognize those who step up in this area.)

Interested? Complete this form and tell us what’s on your mind or email allyship@tracydiziere.com.

How many allies do you think you should have?
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Your next step in preventing channel burnout

During the Enterprise Eyeballs podcast, Tracy recommended 3 simple pre-burnout strategies. One was breathing. So we are excited to announce an opportunity to practice meditation (briefly!) so that you can be more productive as channel leaders (and less stressed). This free virtual event will take place on World Meditation Day (Friday, May 20) at 12 p.m. EST.  No experience necessary!

Will you commit to taking care of yourself and investing in your well-being by joining us?  

For more information and to register, visit Virtual World Meditation Day Event 2022.

To end channel burnout, we have to prevent it

Burnout is a complex topic. Join Tracy and Andrew Phelps from Incentive Pilot on the Enterprise Eyeballs Podcast as they unpack and share stories about the concept of channel burnout, including:

  • What channel burnout is & why it matters
  • Warning signs you could be headed toward burnout
  • What to do about it, starting now (aka 3 pre-burnout practices)
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Enterprise Eyeballs Podcast, YouTube, April 13 2022

This week, today, and everyday!

We like these 2 lessons from Okta CEO Todd McKinnon's actions because they play a role in our goal to #endchannelburnout:

"First, your employees will not feel free to use their vacation time to the fullest unless you model that same behavior. Second, you must treat vacation time as an investment in their well-being, thus in the company's well-being. In making a personal appeal, as opposed to letting HR handle the matter, McKinnon made it clear that time away is more than a benefit; it is vital to the company's long-term health."

So important to do this!

Some challenges we see however are: bandwidth to think, hammer/nail, etc.

What commitment will you make in 2022 to change the game?

How will you define the new normal in the areas you control to #endchannelburnout?

Women with direct reports are reimaging the workflows that will best serve their existing teams - Leah Solivan, TaskRabbit
Delegating is hard work but worth it - Naz Beheshti, Forbes Contributor

Delegating Is Hard Work

We agree, and here's a little more help: 3 Real Reasons You're Finding It Hard To Delegate

Get Witty With It!

Listen to this WOTC podcast with Tracy Diziere to #endchannelburnout.

WOTC wish to be scrutinizing about what they take on and reduce it to just the important things and the things they are good at

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