Technology Marketing Career Advice Webinar

About the Technology Marketing Career Advice Webinar

After a layoff, the path forward often appears daunting and uncertain, especially with so many people losing their jobs at the same time. I experienced this firsthand in 2008 (see my full story here). Starting with a LinkedIn post in October, I had been dedicated to helping others find their way with one-on-one meetings to share technology marketing career advice.

But then, I had a bigger idea: What if I held a webinar/virtual meeting to support MORE technology marketing professionals looking for career advice at any stage and for any reason AND allowed them to support each other?

EUREKA! So, here we are . . . with this work-in-progress landing page. (Passion over perfection is my motto these days!)

To be of service to everyone, here's what I'll do:

  • Tailor the format and content to those who sign up based on a survey.
  • Offer insights, strategies, and tools for individuals seeking to navigate the challenging landscape following a layoff or facing a transition.
  • Create the space for everyone to be real and receive and give technology marketing career advice based on their valuable experiences
  • Allow everyone to breathe a bit easier knowing they are not alone (#nothingiscreatedalone) and they have options.
The best time for new beginnings is now.

The Roadmap to Reinvention

Ready to reinvent yourself and looking for a roadmap or at least what the next steps are?

Whether you have been affected by layoffs or not, if you are thinking about your future and making the leap to entrepreneurship or any type of career change, join us for this free webinar to get actionable steps and energetic support to pursue a new career path of your own creation. We'll schedule the event based on pre-registration input.

What You Can Expect

After pre-registering, you'll receive a brief survey to help us plan this customized event so that YOU get the most out of it. You'll be opted in to receive related content and reminders for the event itself and can opt out at any time. You can also reach out with any questions.

Join us . . .

TDZ's Technology Marketing Career Advice Webinar

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